Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Chahat Khanna To Quit The Show

Bade Acche Lagte Hain’s vamp hasput down her papers, and boy, aren’t weecstatic about it. Ever since Ayesha(Chahat Khanna) became Mrs Kapoor,she has been getting on to our nerves.The fat babe, who once aspired to bea super model, was excruciatingly irritatingas the socialite namesake wife.
‘Cozthat’s a lot easier than having a career, no?News is that Chahat is off to tie theknot for the second time with FarhanMirza, the eldest son of late writerShahrukh Mirza. She says that the weddingmay take place sometime next year.But that’s not the real reason behind herresignation.
The actor claims that due to creativedifferences she has decided to quit theshow. Initially the makers had promisedthat Ayesha’s character would be a parallellead to that of Priya’s.Really? And she believed them? Butsince the character was going nowhereand turning too bitchy, she decided toopt out of it. Chahat will shoot for fourmore episodes before she packs up forgood.
So we assume that the makers aregoing to kill Ayesha’s character off, buton what grounds?Will she die in an accident likeNiharika (Eva Grover) or will the producersshow that she goes absconding inthe hope that Ayesha may return with anew face and revenge on her mind?We won’t be too surprised if thathappens.
In the meanwhile, there’s nonew vamp to take her place and createproblems for Ram and Priya. We wonderwhat the next big twist in the love storyis. We’re watching!