Battle For NFC Heats Up Between Seahawks And 49ers!


The National Football league season isalmost half way through and it is shapingup to be a wild second half of the seasonin the National Football Conference!In the NFC, not one team is runningaway with first place in either their divisionor the whole conference for thatfirst seed in the playoffs and home fieldthroughout. At the moment The SeattleSeahawks are 6-1 and are in first overallin the NFC West and NFC. No one inthe NFC wants to go to Seattle for a playoffgame in that loud stadium; theSeahawks do not lose at home. The 49ersare hot on the Seattle’s trail only beingone game back. After an average start,the 49ers have rediscovered their runninggame that gave them so much success forthe better part of the last two seasons.The NFC West and possibly first place inthe conference will be settled onDecember 8th when Seattle visits SanFrancisco.The NFC North is the most competitivedivision in the conference where GreenBay, Chicago and Detroit are all in themix for the division lead. Chicago is intough with Jay Cutler sidelined for atleast a month, they will have to be carriedby Matt Forte and their stingy defense tokeep pace. Green Bay is hammered withinjuries; Randall Cobb and JamichealFinlay are both out indefinitely whichhurts Aaron Rodgers passing attack.Detroit must take advantage and not loseany space between them and Green Bay.The Lions must win their November28th matchup with the Green BayPackers in order to have a chance to winthe NFC North.In the NFC South, It has been a completedisaster of a season for the AtlantaFalcons. Ever since being up 17-0 in theNFC Championship game and ending uplosing the game, the Falcons have had arough time.Many picked this team to winthe Super Bowl this season but after a 2-4 start the season, it does not look likethis team will make the playoffs. TheFalcons have had major injury issues,Julio Jones is out for the season andRoddy White is out for an extended periodof time. The New Orleans Saints havecome out firing this season and are leadingthe NFC South by 2 games over theCarolina Panthers. The Saints are benefittingfrom having their coach Sean Paytonback this season after serving a yearlongsuspension. Carolina has suffered twoclose defeats and could easily be tied forthe division lead. I fully expect the Saintsto be in the mix for that first overall placingin the NFC while Carolina will be inthe mix for a wildcard position. TheTampa Bay Buccaneers are a completemess after spending all that money in theoff season on their secondary.The NFC East should be renamed the”NFC Least” This once dominate divisionhas taken over as the worst divisionin football. My friends use to make fun ofmy team (49ers) division as the worst butnow I am glad that another division hastaken that title. The Dallas Cowboys looklike they will be the team that makes itout of this miserable division as long asTony Romo does not figure a way ofchoking somehow like he is known to do.The Philadelphia Eagles looked like thebest team in the NFL in their first gameof the season because of Chip Kelly’sfast and dynamic offense. Things havechanged though, the offense Chip runstires his own players as much as it doesthe opposing team. Their defense isworse than the Edmonton Eskimos. TheWashington Redskins who I thoughtwould walk away with this division lookslike a shell of their team from last season.Clearly Robert Griffin III was rushedback into playing this season and theirdefense has given up one of the mostpoints for this season in the NFL. TheNew York Giants are 1-6 but still only 3games out of first place in the NFC East.That is how bad this division is this season.

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