BC United Calls for Ban on Open Drug Usein Public Spaces Frequented By Children.


LANGFORD, BC: The BC United Leader Kevin Falcon and Langford-Juan de Fuca candidate Elena Lawson shared their concerns about the NDP’s rushed decriminalization plan and the impact of open drug use in public spaces frequented by children.

“With children across the province mere weeks from starting their summer break, David Eby’s NDP continues to put our kids at risk by refusing to ban open drug use at parks, playgrounds and beaches,” said Falcon. “Instead of fighting local government attempts to restrict open drug use, David Eby needs to listen to parents, municipalities and the Opposition and act immediately to protect our children.”

Every day in British Columbia, parents, fear their children will encounter needles and drugs in parks and playgrounds due to the Premier’s reckless decision to permit the open use of illicit drugs like crystal meth, crack cocaine, and fentanyl, said Lawson.

“As a mother of two young boys, I firmly believe that children deserve safe spaces for exploring and learning,” said Lawson. “Our children should not be exposed to illicit drug paraphernalia at their favourite outdoor play areas. The NDP’s rushed decriminalization plan has put our kids at risk.”

In response to the pressing issue of public safety, numerous communities across British Columbia have taken it upon themselves to address concerns independently by implementing bylaws to provide law enforcement with the necessary tools to combat open drug use in public spaces frequented by children. However, rather than supporting these local community efforts, the NDP, through health authorities, have pushed back against these efforts. BC United Leader Kevin Falcon is advocating for a province-wide solution.

“I’m calling on David Eby and the NDP to call back the Legislature and immediately pass province-wide legislation to ban the open use of drugs in public places like parks, beaches, and playgrounds,” said Falcon. “BC United is prepared to return to Victoria to keep our kids safe.”

In addition to the call for a province-wide ban on open drug use in public spaces, BC United has initiated a petition to exert further pressure on David Eby and the NDP, urging them to take immediate action to protect the safety of children.