Black American Group Calls Indo-American Governor Nikki Haley A Race Traitor


CHARLESTOWN – The NAACP, a black race lobby group, is accusing South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley of betraying “people of color.”

Nikki Haley’s parents are immigrants from India. Her parents were Indian Sikhs. The so-called “warrior caste,” the Sikh are a religious minority group that traditionally make up much of the officer’s corps for the Indian military. Their members draw heavily on the Eurasian ethnic groups in northern India. They are the ones who wear turbans on their heads and many carry weapons religiously. In fact, even their turbans are designed to be weapons.

During the election, Haley’s strongest supporters were the TEA Party movement. She received about 4% of the black vote. Less than what David Duke received when he ran for governor of Louisiana.

Now the NAACP is demanding that Haley show racial solidarity with the black racial lobby as a fellow “person of color.” They want her to remove the Confederate Battle flag from the statehouse grounds. She has refused.

NAACP head Ben Jealous said “Perhaps one of the most perplexing examples of the contradictions of this moment in history is that Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s first governor of color, continues to fly the Confederate flag in front of her state’s capitol. In other words, Haley is accused of being a race traitor for not sticking to the white man.

Jealous went on to say that American blacks and Indians were both victims of the white man’s “oppression.” He then claims that Gandhi would want the flag remove.

Obviously Jealous knows as little about Indian history as he does about American history. Jealous ignores the fact that the well-known Indian leader was a staunch supporter of racial segregation in South Africa. Gandhi ran a plantation in South Africa prior to returning to India become a leader in it’s independence movement. Gandhi proudly considered himself a fellow colonist and even organized an all-Indian volunteer stretcher-bearers brigade to support the British in the Anglo-Zulu war.

The first political protests led by Gandhi were in support of racial segregation. The British changed South African race laws to allow African Negroes to move into Asian neighborhoods. Gandhi aggressively protested the new law and demanded all Asian neighborhoods. When Gandhi moved back to India, Zulu vandals home burned down his plantation house.

Further, the NAACP has already made it clear that the Confederate flag is not all they want. At their anti-Confederate flag rallies, NAACP speakers have demanding the removal of the entire Confederate soldier statue. In fact, the NAACP has covered up the George Washington statue at least two of their rallies. The Confederate flag is only the beginning. The NAACP seeks to obliterate entire monuments.

The NAACP has already been allowed to build it’s own monument on the statehouse ground. They built a monument depicting incendiary fictional accounts of slavery. The monument uses a famous hoax depiction of a “slave ship.” A famous abolitionist who had never actually seen a slave ship drew the depiction. Historians view the depiction as obviously absurd.

The NAACP claims that the Confederate flag should be removed because it “reminds them of slavery.” Yet the monument they built is completely dedicated to reminding people about slavery. In fact, it clearly is intended to promote hatred towards white people with its inflammatory falsehoods about antebellum slavery.

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