Bobby Jindal Escapes Uninjured After SUV Crash


BANGALORE – Indo-American Governor Bobby Jindal recently became the victim of a major accident, where his SUV was sideswiped by a large rental truck. But the Louisiana governor escaped without any injuries.

According to the Louisiana State Police, the accident happened near Oklahoma Street on 17th March, while Jindal was returning home from his son’s soccer game, reports PTI.

The first SUV carrying Jindal was sideswiped by the truck, according to Captain Doug Cain. The second SUV then hit a utility pole, reported CBS News affiliate WAFB.

“The Governor was involved in a traffic accident this afternoon on the way home from his son’s soccer game after a truck made an illegal u-turn in front of his vehicle,” the Governor’s Office said in a statement., as reported by PTI.

“The Governor did not sustain any injuries, and he is thankful for the work of the Louisiana State Police who keep him and his family safe every day,” the statement said.