Boxer Joy Ali banned Three Months For Assaulting Father


SUVA – Boxing Commission of Fiji has slapped Joy Ali with a three-month suspension for assault.

Ali, who is in police custody in Nadi for assaulting his father will appear in court next month.

BC chairman Sakaraia Tuva revealed this to Times Sport.

He warned boxers not to abuse their boxing skills in the public. He said boxing was to be played inside the ring.

“Joy Ali is taken into custody for assaulting his father and this, results in an automatic three months suspension from BF,” Tuva said.

“We do not want boxers to over use their boxing skills outside the ring. They train and learn boxing only to be used inside the ring, not outside the ring like what Joy Ali did. This is a warning to all boxers in the country, not to abuse or overuse their boxing skills,” Tuva said.

“With this behaviour, Joy Ali will cope an automatic three-month suspension from any program.”

Police spokesman Inspector Atu Sokomuri yesterday confirmed that Ali was in police custody. He was charged for assault and appeared in court yesterday.

He will reappear in the Nadi Magistrates Court on March 2, 2012. Tuva said boxers needed to show discipline.

“This game demands discipline from boxers. Not punching any people in the public. This is indiscipline.”

“The public looks up to boxers and they should show respect to the public instead of abusing their skills like this,” Tuva said.