British Teen Jumps To Death After Forced Sex


LONDON – A 13-year-old British girl plunged 60 feet to her death from a window after being forced into sexual acts, an inquest heard.

Chevonea Kendall-Bryan was terrified after a 15-year-old pushed her to perform the act during a party. The next day another person threatened to smash the windows of her flat unless she did the same to him.

The girl’s mother Amanda Kendall said police were told of both alleged assaults, but Kendall-Bryan begged her to drop the case, The Sun reported. A month later, Kendall-Bryan was found with fatal brain injuries below her fourth-floor bedroom window at Vauxhall area in south London.

The mother told Westminster Coroner’s Court her daughter was “a very bubbly little girl” but bullies made her so unhappy that she started to cut herself with scissors at times.

“It started with name calling but got physical tripping her up, slapping. She started self-harming and said that was a way of taking away the pain,” she said.