Bullock, Diaz and Aniston Wish To Team Up For ‘Mother Of All Chick Comedies’


LOS ANGELES – CameronDiaz, Jennifer Aniston andSandra Bullock have expressedthe desire to star in the “motherof all chick comedies” together.A source told Radar Online that20 years after they all becamehousehold names, the fortysomethingactresses are huntingfor a funny script that wouldgive them all meaty roles.The source noted that althoughthere isn’t a script or concept inplay just yet, the film could dofor girl comedies what TheAvengers did for superheromovies.The success of movies like TheHeat and Bridesmaids hasshown that female buddy comediesare the hottest thing goingand the trio would love to worktogether and rake in box officegold, the insider added.