Can Ron DeSantis’ anti-corporate stance bring a dramatic shift in Republican politics despite his low ratings?


As the 2024 presidential race heats up, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making headlines with his unyielding stance against corporate America over cultural and political issues. Despite trailing behind Republican front-runner Donald Trump in the polls, DeSantis remains undeterred in his crusade against so-called “woke” corporations, a move that has both won him support from working-class and rural voters while raising concerns among some party members.

DeSantis vs Corporate America: A Dramatic Shift in Republican Politics

DeSantis’ willingness to pick fights with some of America’s biggest companies has raised eyebrows among wealthy donors and Republicans who fear the party is straying from its traditional pro-business stance. However, the governor’s approach resonates with a reoriented base of the Republican Party that now prioritizes the concerns of working-class and rural voters over those of moneyed elites.

One of DeSantis’ most notable battles has been with Disney over the company’s resistance to a Florida law restricting the teaching of gender identity and sexuality concepts in schools. He has also taken on financial firms, tech giants, and the pharmaceutical industry on various issues, cementing his reputation as a maverick politician unafraid to challenge powerful corporate interests.

Populist Appeal vs Corporate Backlash

While DeSantis’ anti-corporate rhetoric may appeal to the Republican primary base, some party members warn of the dangers of turning the GOP into a mirror image of the Democrats. Republican voters have expressed concern about government interference in corporate affairs, highlighting the delicate balance DeSantis must strike to avoid alienating moderate voters.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that a majority of Americans, including 55% of Republicans, are less likely to support a candidate who punishes companies for their political views. Despite this, DeSantis’ anti-corporate approach seems to be resonating with Republican primary voters who have increasingly turned away from corporate America.

DeSantis’ Economic Record

DeSantis and his campaign have defended his approach by pointing to his success in fostering economic growth and job creation in Florida. The state’s private-sector job growth rate has outpaced the national rate for 26 consecutive months, according to state officials.

While critics, including Disney CEO Bob Iger, accuse DeSantis of being anti-business, the governor contends that corporate America is not always aligned with the interests of the majority. He warns against excessive corporate power, which he believes could lead to negative societal and economic consequences.

Trump Factor

DeSantis’ battles with corporate giants have not gone unnoticed by former President Donald Trump, who has both criticized and supported the governor’s actions. Trump criticized Disney’s “woke” stance while also targeting DeSantis for the company’s resistance to the Florida law. The former president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., even called for an end to the Bud Light boycott, pointing out the company’s previous donations to Republican candidates.

A Risky Gamble with Corporate Interests

While DeSantis continues to gain momentum in his anti-corporate crusade, it remains to be seen how his stance will play out in the long run. As he competes for the Republican nomination and eyes the general election, DeSantis must navigate the fine line between appealing to populist sentiments and avoiding potential corporate backlash.