Canada Post To Stop Home Delivery Of Mail And It Could Also Mean Higher Postal Rates


Newton-North Delta MPJinny Sims says phone callsto her office have been nonstopsince the announcement.

OTTAWA – Instead of lookingfor ways to modernizeoperations, Canada Post andthe Conservatives are takingan axe to long-treasuredpostal services – killing goodjobs, eliminating home delivery,cutting rural post office hours anddrastically increasing postage rates.“In case Stephen Harper’s priorities arestill a mystery to anyone, this spells themout loud and clear. Apparently he can find millionsof dollars to keep his well-connectedfriends in the Senate buthe can’t find a way to keep mailcoming to your door,” said JinnySims (Newton-North Delta),NDP Employment and SocialDevelopment critic.“These cuts are short-sightedservice cuts and will mostimpact on seniors and personswith disabilities.”Canada Post says about 6,000 to8,000 positions will be eliminatedover the same time period,mainly through attrition. Itexpects nearly 15,000 employeesto retire or leave the company inthe next five years.Sims says Canada Post’s consultationswere only done byInternet, effectively eliminatingany opportunity for input fromthe people who will be mostaffected.“Cutting services, driving awaycustomers and raising costs isno way to save a business,” saidSims.“Both of my office phone lineshave been ringing non-stopsince the announcement thismorning. Locally, people areupset. I want my constituents toknow that I hear their concerns,and I plan to make a lot of noisein Parliament about this. Ourcommunity deserves better — allCanadians do.”One worker, who asked toremain anonymous, told News1130 they have weekly meetingsand it would have been nice ifCanada Post had warned themfirst.“I was listening to News1130out of my mail truck as theycame out with the announcement.My mouth was hangingopen because as an employee,I’m kind of disgusted with myown company that they wouldn’ttell employees first,” she toldthe station.The employee, who has workedwith Canada Post for 19 years,says she’s now definitely worriedabout her own job.The national mail service plansto phase out home deliverywithin the next five years,replacing foot delivery withcommunity mail boxes.It says it can no longer continuetraditional operations, blamingrising costs and falling mail volumes.