CCI Initiates Proceedings Against Aamir Khan


The Competition Commissionof India (CCI), whichkeeps a check on any unfairtrade practices at the marketplace, yesterday stated that itwould initiate recovery proceedingsagainst actor AamirKhan and 8 others who havefailed to pay penalties imposedon them. These penalties,which amount to Rs. 2.17crores in total, have not beenpaid despite there being noappeal filed or appeal havingbeen dismissed, the CCI saidwhile publishing a list of thesedefaulters.Among the defaultersAamir Khan stands to pay Rs.1 lakh only, which was imposedas part of an order passedagainst 27 film producers onMay 25, 2011 in a case relatedto anti-competition practicesby filmmakers. This order waspassed following a complaintbeing filed with the CCI byFICCI Multiplex Associationof India