Celebrating these three Centenarians at PICS ‘Guru Nanak Niwas’


It’s not every day that our community gets to celebrate the birthday of three centenarians but Thursday (May 26th 2022) was an exception. Three women at the PICS Assisted Living facility (Guru Nanak Niwas)- , Gian Kaur Badiyal and Vrajkuvar Devraj were honoured by staff, family, community members and civic, provincial and federal politicians in a special way. Mrs. Badiyalwas actually turning 103, but was unable to celebrate her 100th-milestone due to the pandemic.

Satbir Singh Cheema, the CEO of Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society, said it was a very special celebration. He noted the facility usually celebrates birthdays on the last Thursday of the month, and this was one of the first big ones since the pandemic halted most events.

“It’s pretty impressive to see a loved one live to see their magical 100th birthday, and it’s certainly deserving of a very special celebration when three of our beloved seniors are celebrating their 100+ birthdays with us here. These birthday celebrations are important to us as it gives us a chance to honor our elderly and celebrate these well lived meaningful lives”, said Satbir Singh Cheema.

Moments like these reinforce the need for such culturally sensitive senior’s facilities in our communities. Volunteers, staff and board of PICS Society have been compassionately caring for many elders by providing a home where they feel like they belong, a place where they are living their lives comfortably, ageing in grace surrounded by friends and staff.

“On behalf of all my colleagues and everyone at PICS, I feel blessed to be a part of their life journey’s. As we celebrate this remarkable moment, I hope the community will support PICS Society so that we are able to provide more culturally sensitive services to many more seniors”, said Satbir Singh Cheema.