Child Poverty Continues To Haunt Society


Dear Editor:There are two type of people one thosewho are poor and their financial standardis not favorable but when they get supportthey make an effort to come outfrom poverty and want to change for betterlife. While others when they receiveassistance they want to keep on gainingbenefit without trying to get job or work.They think it is better not to do anythingbecause they get support.Through community based charity aidprogrammed we can provide immediaterelief to poverty stricken children butfully success still remain allusive to eliminatecomplete child poverty.Need to identify which deterrence forcecreates obstacles when we try to alleviateabject poverty in the region. It could beunemployment, low income, financialdiscrepancy or frustrating family situationThis unpalatable state of child povertycannot be left unattended and time fordecisive intervention is now.Child poverty is no longer a governmentissue but the whole nation’s crisis. Multicheritable committee should be establishedto formulate an interventionmechanism to confront the crisis andjoint together to eradicate permanentreduction of child poverty stigma.

Hanif A. Patel

Surrey, BC