Chinese Man Gets Death For Blackmailing 18 Women For Sex


BEIJING – A Chinese man has been sentenced to death on charges of rape after he blackmailed 18 women into having sex with him.

The man from in east China’s Anhui province blackmailed the women with photos he created with editing software using their faces and posting them on different nude bodies, the Shanghai Daily reported Tuesday.

The man surnamed Huo operated a private studio in Quanjiao county. Using different identities on the Tencent QQ instant messaging service, he added dozens of women as his “friends” between 2005 and May 2011, a court in Chuzhou heard. The court heard that Huo sent the girls pornographic stories and photos and lured them into sex chats.

He added their portraits to unidentified nude bodies with photo editing software and threatened to make the photos public.

The man told the women to meet him at hotels, where he forced them into having sex, and in some cases, also videotaped them. He then used the videotapes to blackmail them, the court said.

Huo also sexually assaulted some girls taking painting lessons at his studio.

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