Clark Chooses Liberal Safe Westside-Kelowna For Seat But NDP To Run Aggressive Campaign


KELOWNA – Election winner but seat loser Christy Clark‘s ticket back into the provincial legislature will be through Westside-Kelowna but the NDP will fight her aggressively for the seat which was easily won by Liberal Ben Stewart, who will step aside from party leader.

BC NDP leader Adrian Dix said the party will run a strong candidate against Clark.

“We are looking forward to running a strong campaign with an Okanagan candidate against the Premier in Westside-Kelowna.

Stewart, who was first elected in 2009 and has held several cabinet posts for the Liberals, will step aside so Clark can run there in a byelection.

His Westside-Kelowna riding is considered safe Liberal territory, with Stewart capturing 58 per cent of the vote in the most recent election.

Clark lost her Vancouver-Point Grey seat to the NDP’s David Eby by over 1000 votes in the May 14th general election.

The BC NDP will run a candidate with local roots who can offer the people of Kelowna and West Kelowna a strong, local voice in the legislature, said Dix.

“Our candidate will advocate for quality healthcare and seniors care, jobs and a thriving local economy, including local agricultural industries and opportunities for young people,” Dix said.

“We will hold the government accountable for its record and for the commitments it made during the election, including its commitment to a balanced budget, to decreased debt and increased job creation.”