Climate advocate Anjali Appadurai challenges David Eby in BC NDP leadership race


By Link News Network

Attorney General David Eby was the only candidate to replace John Horgan as BC NDP leader and BC’s premier. But now climate activist and former federal NDP candidate Anjali Appadurai has jumped in, to challenge Eby in the BC leadership race.

The winner of December 3 leadership race will become the next premier of British Columbia.

Appadurai while sharing a video on her Twitter wrote, “I’ve answered the call of a movement. I’ve agreed to be the candidate and spokesperson.”

Eby took the challenge in good spirit, welcomed Appadurai’s announcement, and wished her luck. He wrote, “Welcome to Anjali Appadurai as she joins the race to become the next leader of the BC NDP. This race is an opportunity for a healthy exchange of ideas about how best to serve British Columbians, and I look forward to that debate. I wish her luck, but not too much luck!”

In her video message she said, “Like a lot of people, I am an immigrant who fell in love with these lands. I feel incredibly lucky to call BC home and yet fear that we are on a dangerous path. I was raised to believe that all humans are equal and connected to each other in a web of life. I believe in service to the community to the good of the whole.”

It is these values of humanity and equality that led her to work for climate advocacy. She said she went from grass root organizations all the way to UN and realized that the elected officials have no plan. “This became terrifyingly clear last year when here in BC was hit by one climate disaster after another. Farms underwater, 100s killed in heat wave. Yet our government wants to push ahead under status quo. Its not just climate, healthcare, housing, the system is unraveling. Government priorities are completely backward.”

She said that out government is also drilling forest lands for more money. “That is the choice our politicians made. But other choices are possible.

She said she answered the call from a growing movement in this province to run for NDP leadership as a way to challenge the party status quo and to lay out a vision for what BC could be like.

He webpage appeals people to vote and informs that if you are 12 or older and a BC resident, you are eligible to join the BC NDP and vote.

“Our people-powered movement recognizes the sovereignty of the Indigenous nations that hold title and rights to the lands claimed by the Crown as “British Columbia.” Guided by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, we are committed to halting colonial violence by our government and co-creating a healthy future where Indigenous cultures, languages and families can thrive for all time,” read the information on her page.