Clocks Move Forward An Hour This Weekend


B.C. Drivers To Prepare For Daylight Savings Time!

SURREY – It’s time again tochange the time and moveclocks forward an hour.The clocks move forward anhour this Saturday night for thestart of Daylight Savings Time,ICBC is asking drivers to makean effort to adapt to the timechange to help reduce theimpact it could have on theirdriving skills.According to anICBC survey, 34 per cent ofB.C. drivers admit that the timeshift does affect them and makethem feel less alert. Studiesshow that the switch to DaylightSavings Time can have a dramaticeffect on disrupting ourregular sleep cycle as it puts usout of sync with ourcircadian rhythm.Here are ICBC’s tipsto help you adjust tothe time change:Plan to get to bedearly on Saturdayevening and go to bed at yourregular time on Sunday to beready for the Monday commute.Be aware of how your bodyadapts to the time change andhow that may affect your abilityto concentrate and avoid hazards.Studies have shown thattime changes can have animpact on the quality of oursleep due to more night-timerestlessness.While you may feelfine, your circadianrhythm can still be significantlydisruptedaffecting your alertnesswhile driving.After many weeks ofearly sunrises, expect darkermorning commutes and morevulnerable road users – cyclistsand pedestrians – on the road asthe weather warms up.Prepare your vehicle for thechange in conditions and darkermorning commutes. Clean yourvehicle’s headlights and checkthat they are all working properly,both high and low beam andrear lights.