Community Forum Organized On Domestic Violence


SURREY – Sikh Research Institute-Canada is organizing an interactive event for the community, intended to generate discussion on our social responsibility towards women in our community. The event developed in response to the need to engage further long term attention and efforts towards reminding the community of its commitment to the safety and equity of women. The Sikh Research Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educational programming for and about the Sikh community, as a method of progressive social change.

The organization reiterates a sentiment that is shared by many other organizations in the community, that strong women are an integral part of a healthy community; and as such,  a forum like this one will bring community members and community organizers together to discuss ways to support and honor women.

“Women ought to feel safe in their workplace and their homes, and to feel respected in their families and their communities. That seems like simple logic,” said Kirpa Kaur, volunteer coordinator for Sikh Research Institute- Canada. “But this is not the case at the moment, and to change it will take the courage and commitment of every person in our community. I urge everyone who is interested in being part of our call for a change in attitudes toward women to attend this event and hear what is being shared.”

The program’s schedule will include interactive to focus sessions discussing key challenges and possible solutions to gendered violence and domestic abuse. Several survivors of domestic violence will be attending the workshop and will be sharing their experiences in regards to barriers and supports.

Supporting our Women – A Community Conference, A Social Responsibility  will be held Saturday, August 27, from 1pm to 4pm at the Newton Cultural Centre 13530 72 avenue, Surry.

For more info contact SikhRI Coordinators at 778.241.4906 | 604.613.8430 or email [email protected].