Conservatives Appoint Anglo-Indian Woman As First Indo- Canadian Consul General In Chandigarh

Indian-born Rajani Alexander replaces Scot Slessor. Alexander joined the public service in Canada in 1994 and she has served in Canadian missions in Chile, Bangladesh and Honduras.

TORONTO – There was a time when itwas a mad rush for many politically-affiliated(Liberal at the time) Indo-Canadians to seek the coveted ConsulGeneral post in Chandigarh, which hadfreshly been created by then PrimeMinister Jean Chretien’s government.There were even some candidates shortlistedfor it but never made it toChandigarh, largely based on complaintsand rumours that any Indo-Canadianwho takes over the post will use it orabuse it to make millions in giving outvisas. Well the reality may not have beenas such because the Consul General’s roleis largely ceremonial and there is aprocess in place for granting visas but therumours helped to keep out Indo-Canadians from the Chandigarh post,until now.The Stephen Harper government hasappointed Indian-born Rajani Alexanderas Canada’s new consul general in its consulategeneral in Chandigarh, India.She replaces Scot Slessor, said a statementby Foreign Affairs Minister JohnBaird in Ottawa last Friday.A graduate (history honours) from theUniversity of Delhi, Rajani joined thepublic service in Canada in 1994. She hasserved in Canadian missions in Chile,Bangladesh and Honduras.Rajani has also served at the headquartersof the Canadian InternationalDevelopment Agency (CIDA) as senioradviser in the Gender Equality Division,senior analyst in the Caribbean Programand director of results and accountabilityin the Geographic Programs Branch.Rajani, who holds a Ph.D in history andgovernment from the University ofNotre Dame, served as a researcher anduniversity instructor in Pacific, Asian andGender Studies, and independent consultanton and program manager ofcooperative education before she joinedthe Canadian public service in 1994.She has two daughters – Rahel and Maya.