Court Sends 65-Year-Old Killer To Jail For Life


NAVUA – A sixty-five-year-old man was sentenced to life imprisonment by the High Court in Suva for murdering his wife’s lover in Navua.

Abdul Aziz was found guilty of slaying Abdul Rauf last year during the Islamic festival of Eid at his home.

Justice Priyantha Fernando said, “The accused is 65 years old. He has no previous convictions within the last 20 years. He struck the deceased once which caused the fatal injury. I sentence you to life imprisonment.”

Aziz struck Abdul Rauf on the head with a cane knife following an argument regarding the land on which Aziz was staying.

Aziz was also convicted for criminal intimidation where he chased after his wife with the same knife.

“After striking Abdul Rauf with the knife, you chased Samina to chop her with the cane knife but you failed as Samina went inside Amina’s (Aziz’s daughter) house and locked herself,” said Justice Fernando.

“You chased the victim to chop her with a cane knife after striking Abdul Rauf with the same knife. You did this without any provocation,” he said.

“As an unrepresented accused you did not submit any mitigating factors.

“However, I consider that you are 65 years of age, when deciding on your sentence. You have no previous convictions for last 20 years,” he said.

“Considering the above circumstances of offending, aggravating and mitigating factors, I sentence you to imprisonment for 18 months on the second count, he said.

After the trial assessors had returned with an unanimous guilty verdict which was endorsed by the court. The court, on the submissions of the State counsel, also did not fix a non-parole term.