Daniel Radcliffe Suspects He Has ADHD


LONDON – The ‘Harry Potter’ starsuspects his symptoms went unnoticedas the condition wasn’t as well knownwhen he was a child.“I think I am quite hyper. I think ifI’d been born a few years later, I mighthave been diagnosed with Adhd, but Imissed the boat for all those diagnoses,”he told Britain’s The Guardian.Radcliffe also admits he is glad hewas taken out of school after landing thelead role in the wizard movies, as he fearshe would have struggled in an academicenvironment. “I was a very disorganised,talkative boy. And there are some peoplewho just don’t do well at school. I am notsomebody who will learn best when youtell me to sit down and be quiet and sitstill. I learn by talking back and engagingin conversation and walking around.”