Dead Woman Helps Out Family From The Grave


SUVA – The loss of a wife, mother is immeasurable in any family, but even in her death Usha Kanta Chetty still assisted her family. Sigatoka man Vel Murgaiya was, of course, a happy man when he received a $5000 from Bank of Baroda chief executive Pabitra Kumar Das this week.

His wife, Mrs Chetty had been a BoB customer since 1999 and passed away at only 52 years. She joined the Baroda Life Shield in 2010. The life insurance cover provides value added services to the bank’s individual account holders between age 18 to 59 years with good health declaration. BoB charged a premium of $12 per $1000 sum assured per year.

A statement from BoB said, Mr Murgaiya has appreciated Bank of Baroda on having the product in which people of any class can benefit after loss. He said the money would be used for his children’s education. Also, he was quite happy with the quick disposal of the cheque. Mr Das has urged people to consider the product.