Deepika Follows Aamir Khan’s Marketing Mantra

An automobile brand hasplanned to have a series of commercialsbased on Deepika’scharacter Veronica fromCocktail.Deepika had bagged theScooty brand immediately afterher impressive act in Cocktailmanaged to break the clutter inromantic comedy genre.
Impressed by her over-the-topand audacious role of Veronicain Cocktail, Deepika Padukonewas offered to be the ambassadorof the automobile brand.Deepika Padukone hadsigned the deal of endorsing aScooty for a huge amount; theexact figures haven’t been disclosed.After seeing Deepika’s brilliant performance in Cocktail,the owners of the brand thoughtshe will be the perfect face forendorsing the brand as she sosuccessfully played the characterof a free spirit who lives life onher own terms.
Now the latest is that thesales of the brand have gone upby 20 per cent and impressedeveryone. The brand now plansto have a Veronica series, wherethe character or persona ofVeronica takes different situationsand expands the campaign.This is lot like Aamir Khan’sCoca Cola campaign where hetook on different characters.
Here Deepika will take on differentsituations.Deepika’s official spokespersonsays, “When the brandshared their research, we werealso pleasantly surprised at theimmediate results.It only goes toshow everyone has loved herperformance in Cocktail andidentified with her character”.