Deities’ Images On Beer Bottles Irk Hindus In US


NEVADA – Hindusare upset overhaving images oftheir deities Ganeshand Lakshmi pastedon beer bottles byan Australian brewery,calling it highlyinappropriate. Hinduleader Rajan Zed saidin a statement hereon Saturday that inappropriateusage ofHindu deities or conceptsor symbols forcommercial use wasnot acceptable becauseit hurt the sentimentsof the devotees.“Lord Ganesh and GoddessLakshmi were highly reveredin Hinduism and theywere meant to be worshippedin temples or home shrines andnot to be used in selling beerfor mercantile greed,” said Zed,president of Universal Societyof Hinduism. He demandedthat the brewery withdraw thebeer bottles carrying the images