Desi Boot Camp!


VPD’s finest and all around good guy Kal Dosanjh had another great successful turnout at his Desi Boot Camp. Dosanjh says, “It never ceases to amaze me how many people have a true inner desire to get fit. Everyone that showed up had great energy and a positive attitude. These are the key ingredients to obtaining the results you are looking for. We will now be holding beginners classes and intermediate/advanced classes at the next camp. This is to ensure that based on your personal needs you are getting the type of training required to optimize your results at a pace you are comfortable with.  Once again, looking forward to seeing everyone for another fun filled, one hour long, intense training session. This type of training is known as combat conditioning. It incorporates the three principles of fitness: flexibility, endurance and strength.” The next Desi Boot Camp will be held this Sunday, July 14 at Bear Creek Park.

What: Desi Boot Camp

Where: Bear Creek Park

When: Sunday, July 14th, 2013. 6 pm

For more info check out Kal’s Facebook page!