Disabled Indo-Canadian Woman Competes In Miss BC 2012


By R. Paul Dhillon

VANCOUVER – Svee Bains was a vibrant and bright young woman on her way to a long career in the media when she was severely injured in an car accident. She became permanently disabled as a result of her injuries.

Ironically – prior to her accident, Bains worked on anti-drinking and driving musical special for CBC titled Knocking On Heavens’ Door that featured Indo-Canadian Bhangra-rocker Dal-Dil-Vog, which featured four friends – a Caucasian and an Indo-Canadian couple being involved in a fatal accident that leaves one of the friends disabled.

Despite the severity of her injured, Bains’ spirit has kept her going full speed.

“I’m contesting for Miss BC 2012.I believe I’m the only Indian woman in the competition. In addition to that I’m the only permanently disabled contestant,” Bains wrote to the LINK this week.

Bains was born and raised in Vancouver and attended Capilano College before going to BCIT to study journalism.

She was hired by CTV and was up for promotion to junior reporter when she was badly injured in a car accident. She suffered an acquired brain injury and spent ten days in coma.

“In those 10 days I had 2 strokes and wasn’t expected to survive but I did,” Bains says.

After four and a half months at VGH, she was discharged to GF Strong. She was told that she would never walk but she relearned in 2003.

I became depressed once discharged but in 2009 I decided to get back to living well and  returned to my stiudies in 2010 and I’m 5 courses short of graduating,” she said.

In 2011 after a successful fundraiser for the VGH neuro department, she decided to apply for miss BC and was invited to contest.

“Now I’m on my journey to win,” she says.