Discussion With Bollywood Scriptwriter On Reservation Issue Film Äarakshan


Discussion on the film Äarakshan is planned for Sunday, February 19 at 2:00 PM at with the scriptwriter Anjuman Rajabali. The discussion will be at the Binghi’s Caffe at the corner of 108 avenue and King George in Surrey.  Hosted by Chetna Association of Canada, the scriptwriter will discuss the controversy surrounded around the film Aarakshan, the political context in which the film was released, and how Bollywood can play a more effective role in raising awareness of the Dalit issues in a contemporary context.  Aarkashan dealt with the issue of reservation and the educational system in India and the impact of the Mandal Commission which introduced affirmation action or the reservation for India’s so-called back-ward communities.  All interested in social justice issues are invited to attend the discussion.

For more information, please call at 778-878-7473 or at 604-613-6485.