Diwali Celebrations At City Hall


SURREY – City Council of Surrey now a days is celebrating major festivals of  culture and religion to show respect and love for each and everyone working  in the City Hall. Actually, Diwali celebration was introduced to City Hall by the Global Hindu Foundation of Canada, with Acharya Dwivedi’s  initiative, seven years back and on this auspicious festival sweets and snacks were distributed by the Foundation. But with the drastic change in policy now City Hall organizes festivals for its own employees.

This year Diwali celebration was organized at 12.00 noon, on Monday, October 24. Owen Croy, parks manager, welcomed    and introduced guest speaker—Acharya S.P.Dwivedi  to address the jubilant Diwali fans. He focused on spiritual and symbolic significance of the festival. ‘Mantra of Diwali is that Laxmi, Goddess of worldly prosperity, dwells in those houses where people are industrious and not in those houses where people are dull and lethargic’, said Dwivedi. The councilor Tom Gill narrated his childhood experiences and importance of Diwali to Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims. Mayor D.Watts and other councilors lit the candles.

Sabina Khurme, a local artist, provided free  henna to women in the main lobby of the City Hall. Catered lunch was provided by the Maharaja Catering. Jessica McGuire, a Community Service Assistant of City Hall, arranged the display of Indian artefacts and Diwali function.