Don’t Ignore The Most Important Part Of Your Life – Your Relationships!


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Sometimes we get so boggled up with our own agendas that we ignore a certain aspect of our life, the part that’s filled by a partner or a companion. This is called the ‘relationship’ part! In this century, relationships have become almost non-existent or even if they exist, there is a strong negative connotation attached to it. Why is this so? Why are people just not happy with their current situations? I get asked this quite often so in my opinion the reasons that relationships don’t work or don’t exist is because….

We just think that it’s something unimportant and ignore it. So much so that many people in their mid 30’s find themselves with amazing jobs but SINGLE! This is why the whole business of online dating has become so popular! Millions around the globe search these online portals to find their true love! This is a pattern in many parts of the world! But even the online world isn’t so easy, there is a chance that the stranger maybe not exactly what they are portraying to be! They could very well perhaps be an absolute and utter lie. Or it could really be the opposite and you may find your ‘soulmate.’ We just leave these things to chance as we never know what cards fate has dealt us. This is just the situation of the ones that ignored being in a relationship much earlier.

Now let’s look at the ones who have relationships and are just not happy! These are the people that married their high school or college sweethearts. What seemed like ever lasting love back then has now become more like an unwanted punishment! Haha, these are the people who wish they never jumped so fast, wish they waited longer as they now just can’t seem to get out of this relationship. It’s lasted too long, it’s comfortable and the fear of not finding anyone else keeps them stuck together. Not happy but together! I’m sure some of you fall into this category…

Either way, us humans are not happy so in my opinion, whichever scenario you fall into, just be content with it and accept it. Acceptance to your current situation is the first step to your happiness!

Let me know your thoughts on this… XOXO

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