Facebook Offers $100,000 A Year Package To Graduate Indian Student


HYDERABAD – How about a starting salary of 45 lakh (1 lakh $US) per annum for a fresher? Yes! Facebook has signed a final year computer student of the prestigious NIT Warangal for the incredible offer, reports Nikhila Henry of Times of India.

The 21 year old B.Tech student will be joining the technical wing of the Social Networking Company soon after completing his Graduation in March 2012, the institute confirmed.

The 45 lakh offer by Facebook is a record of sorts for the NIT as the highest pay the institute had seen over the years for its freshers was 20 lakh per annum. While it is not uncommon in the West to find freshers offered such a huge salary, in India it is rare.

NIT Warangal is one of the oldest NITs in the country and is well known for its quality education and bright graduates in the IT and Computer fields. Major IT companies have already hired around 30 students from the institute.

In a campus recruitment drive which started on August 15, leading companies like Wipro, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and Amazon have hired many students from the Institute for packages between 5 lakh and 12 lakh per annum. However, the Facebook offer has set a bench mark for the 50-year old institute.

Many IT companies are ready to pay high for students who do well in the first or second interview. However the companies who come later could offer even higher, an NIT official said. We need wait and see what the salary trend this year is, he added.

The officials at the institute also said the recruitment process of the NIT will continue till March next year.