Facebook Wants To Revolutionize The $55 Billion Market


NEW DELHI – Facebook has proposed some serious plans in revolutionizing the server infrastructure so that businesses will get a better option to implement their various needs and along with an extensive option of selecting server various components.

The company made the announcement at its Open Compute Project, which officially is considered to be the ground breaking venue for latest hardware technologies and new projects collaborated from Silicon Valley’s biggest names.

Companies have recognized the fact that big data is the hottest topic in town and the need for new and fresh hardware designs is pretty imperative.

Fresh off its Graph Search announcement on Tuesday, Facebook also is a contributor to the ‘group hug’ board. Being more technical, ‘group hug’ is a joined effort by engineers from world’s largest social network, who are working on a new common slot architecture specification for motherboards, which should turn around and produce vendor-neutral boards that can accommodate up to 10 System-on-Chip circuits.

The interesting part of the System-on-Chip circuit (SOCs) is that the vendor will be supported by some of the biggest names in microchip technology; Intel, AMD, Calxeda, and Applied Micro.