Family Of Immigrant Punjabi Woman Murdered In Netherlands Battles To Keep Her Kids In Canada

Family members living in B.C. were inconsolable at the funeral of Kamaljit Kaur who was murdered in the Netherlands.

SURREY – The family of a murdered immigrant Punjabi woman is fighting to keep her young kids in Canada after their visa expired recently.

Kamaljit Kaur, 39, who was murdered Feb. 1 in her home in the Netherlands while she returned to sort out her affairs in her former country, was cremated last weekend and how her grieving family hopes her children can remain in Canada since their visas expired two weeks ago.

Kaur had brought her kids to Surrey last June during a messy divorce with her husband who has been behind bars since he allegedly attacked her with a knife last year.

Kaur’s husband’s best friend has been arrested in connection with her murder.

The future of the three children, who like their parents are Dutch citizens, is uncertain. They are living with their grandmother and have the support of their aunts and uncle.

At Kaur’s funeral Saturday her children and mother were inconsolable.

“I know that my mom’s watching us and I want to tell her that I love her so much, and I will make her proud,” Kaur’s daughter Preet said.

Charan Gill, CEO of Progressive Intercultural Community Services, is trying to help the kids stay with their relatives in Canada permanently.

“They’re willing to look after and care for all these children. I think the best future lies for the kids with this family and here in Canada,” Gill told CTV News.

Immigration lawyer Richard Kurland says there is hope they will be allowed to stay.

“If money’s not an issue and there’s no fraud, with a family in Canada who can support the children, chances are good a minister might steer clear of trouble and allow the kids to stay temporarily, perhaps permanently,” Kurland said.