Federal Election Set For September 20


OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the federal election Sunday seeking a majority mandate on September 20 when Canadians will head to the polls.

Trudeau said Canadians have a clear choice: “keep moving forward and build a better Canada for everyone, or let Erin O’Toole take us backward with cuts to services that people rely on to get through the pandemic.”

Trudeau said from putting more money in the pockets of families, to investing in affordable housing, and taking strong climate action, his government’s plan has always put Canadians first including safely navigating COVID-19 pandemic.

“When Canadians needed our support during the global COVID-19 pandemic, we had their backs. We ensured they could continue to pay their bills, keep food on the table, and stay on their company’s payroll,” Trudeau said. “Now it’s time to hear their voices. Because the decisions that the government makes right now will define the future our kids grow up in – and Canadians deserve to have their say in shaping it. Together, we need to choose how we finish the fight against COVID-19, get the job done on vaccines, and build back a better tomorrow. That’s why we need this election.”

But NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called the election wasteful saying Trudeau launched his selfish summer election only to get a majority and Canadians should deny him that privilege.

Singh said NDP committed to continue fighting for people.

“Justin Trudeau doesn’t want a majority so he can do more for people. He wants it so he can do even less,” said Singh, surrounded by supporters in Montreal. “I’m ready to fight for working people, to make the ultra-rich and big corporations pay their fair share, and to build a recovery that works for everyone.”

Singh noted that people across Canada are already facing bigger challenges than before. It’s getting harder and harder to find a family supporting job, the climate is in crisis, the housing market is out of reach, and there is a growing need for better seniors’ care and mental health supports.

“After six years, we know a lot about Mr. Trudeau. He wants to look like he cares. He says the right thing but has no intention of doing it,” said Singh. “Calling an election two years early – in a pandemic – shows that he doesn’t want to follow through on his promises. And you will pay the price.”