Federal Labour Minister Announces Project Aimed At Advancing Women In The Digital Economy



VANCOUVER – Dr. K. KellieLeitch, Minister of Labour andMinister of Status of Women,along with John Weston,Member of Parliament for WestVancouver-Sunshine Coast-Seato Sky Country, and Wai Young,Member of Parliament forVancouver South, announcedfunding for the Society forCanadian Women in Scienceand Technology in support of anew project to help women succeedin Canada’s technologysector this week.”Our government is committedto creating jobs, growth andlong-term prosperity for allCanadians,” said MinisterLeitch. “I am pleased toannounce our support for thisproject, which will equip womenwith the skills they need to succeedin the digital economy.””There are many opportunitiesfor women to contribute to oureconomic prosperity andgrowth here in BritishColumbia,” said Young. “Thisproject will open doors forwomen who want to work in thetechnology sector, and it willprovide valuable training andmentorship to help them succeed.”The Society for CanadianWomen in Science andTechnology is receiving$285,374for a 36-month projectthat will assist women in thelower mainland of BritishColumbia to pursue careers inthe technology sector.The organization will reach outto women with some backgroundin technology, at differentpoints in their education andcareer, and match them withthree local technology companies-Webnames.ca, NetApp andRhodium Business Services Ltd.They will be provided withmentorship opportunities, leadershiptraining and professionaldevelopment.”Addressing the gender gap inthe technology field is an importantchallenge and our organizationis committed to encouragingmore women to pursuethese types of careers,” saidRosine Hage Moussa, Presidentof the Society for CanadianWomen in Science andTechnology. “This funding willallow us to help talented womenin British Columbia, not only tojoin the technology field, but todevelop the skills they need toadvance.”This project is being announcedduring Women’s History Monthand is part of the Governmentof Canada’s Women inTechnology Projects initiative,which aims to provide womenwith an opportunity to play agreater role in the CanadianDigital Economy, where theyremain under-represented.Leitch told the LINK during herstop in Vancouver that she isalso focusing on projects thatprevent violence againstwomen, especially in light ofwhat transpired on UBCCampus recently with a sexualassault of a young woman oncampus as well as controversyregarding student condoningrape during a frosh event at theSauder School of Business atUBC earlier.