Flying Fijians Humiliated With Big 66-0 Loss


SUVA – Fiji suffered its most humiliating loss against Wales 0-66 in Hamilton yesterday bringing the curtains down on our 2011 Rugby World Cup campaign on a rainy and wet black Sunday.

Calls for heads to roll have been echoing beginning three weeks ago when we were thrashed by South Africa and the calls became deafening after last night’s shameful results.

Forget the scoreline, forget the result what adds salt to the wound was the fine performances of some of our players who have been on the reserve bench and not even selected in the past matches.

Take for instance fullback Iliesa Keresoni who proved that he should have been there from the beginning of the campaign

Then there’s Vitori Buatava who continued to be the weak link losing possession, scrums, lineouts, mauls and rucks in another disastrous performance last night.

In the halfback position Emosi Vucago and Lautoka’s Bola were the two best halfbacks in local rugby competition. The list goes on but it is all spilt milk now.

The players are not to blame and it brings to question the coaching and decision-making capabilities of those responsible.

Everyone is to blame because the time to criticise was before the team left and every decision that we make from now on will decide our destiny.