GAP Makes Sikh Model Ahluwalia Poster Boy After Racists Vandalise Ad


WASHINGTON – A Muslimsenior editor reportedly cameacross a vandalized subway adfor Gap, featuring Sikh actorand jewellery designer WarisAhluwalia, and brought thedesigner company’s attention tothe racist messages scribbled onthe ad, prompting a swift andincredible response from them.Senior editor at The IslamicMonthly and founder, ArsalanIftikhar, posted the picture ofthe ad on his Twitter andFacebook wall, in which thecaption had been changed from“Make Love” to “MakeBombs”, and the writer had alsoscrawled“ P l e a s estop drivin gTAXIS”on to theposter.I f t i k h a rsaid thatwhen hec a m eacross thep i c t u r e ,he wantedtheworld tosee howmillionsof brownpeople are viewed in Americatoday, Huffington Post reports.Within a day of posting the picture,Gap tweeted back atIftikhar, asking him to helpthem find the location of the adand the company even extendedtheir support by changing theiraccount’s Twitter backgroundto the picture of Ahluwalia.The report said that the company’sprompt action and theshow of solidarity was applaudedby Sikhs and Muslims alike,as some members of the communitystarted a “Thank you,Gap” campaign to appreciatetheir action.This advertisement is part ofGap’s holiday “MakeLove”campaign featuring a wide varietyof diverse models.Ahluwalia has landed on multiplebest-dressed lists and is aregular in art and fashion circles.Iftikhar said that the entireincidence proves that we do notlive in a post-racial America yetwhen South Asians and thoseperceived to be Muslims cannoteven grace fashion advertisementswithout racial epithetsbeing directed their way, thereport added.