Get The Ecoboost With Ford F-150 Lariat V6 Platinum Edition


By Veeno Dewan

The Ford F-150 pickup line already offer you  a mindboggling assortment  of cab configurations , bed sizes, convenience and luxury options and of course engines all the way up from 3.7 liter V6 to a   new 5.0-litre V-8 which generates 360 hp and 380 lb.-ft. of torque.

But most interesting of all is the F-150 powered by   Ford’s new EcoBoost V6 engine that we recently tested. A   pair of turbochargers mated to the   3.5-litre V6 give you a very impressive   365 hp and 420 lb.-ft. of torque. Also impressive is the lower fuel consumption. Transport Canada-approved tests, report the V6 EcoBoost offers 14.0 L/100 km in the city and 9.5 on the highway, or a full litre less than the 5.0 and it takes regular gas not the pricy premium gold.

Our gorgeous red Lariat Platinum tester was a super loaded edition at a whopping price of $60,499, and includes heated and cooled leather front seats (rear seats are heated too), premium audio, a power sliding rear window, 20-inch alloys wheels, special instrument panel, power-deploying running boards, factory remote start, a power moonroof, and a navigation system with eight-inch touch screen. In addition to the gorgeous metallic paint, you gain 3.73 rear gearing rear, a pickup box extender, and a towing package

The Platinum edition is high on interior finishing. Upholstered in sumptuous leather, front and rear, accommodation is spacious and comfortable.  Bright accents and luxury touches abound along with impressive technology and features.

The big center color touch-screen has a very intuitive layout and is very easy to use with bright clear graphics. The gauge cluster, like most everything else, was large and easy to read; it included the tachometer and speedometer on either side of a digital vehicle information screen and a number of smaller gauges.

There was also plenty of helpful off-road and trailer-tow information along with setting adjustment for things like Driver Assist (rear park aid on/off), Trailer Brake Mode (electric or electric over hydraulic), and Trailer Sway Control (on/off).

Passengers have access to conveniences that include: three height-adjustable headrests, three three-point seatbelts, assist handles, bottle holders and storage in each door, fold-down armrest with pop-out dual cupholders, pouches on the front seatbacks, two hangar hooks, large, easily accessible lower anchors for child safety seats   an AC 110V/150W household-style plug, and another 12-volt power source.

Out back, let not forget this is a practical pickup truck and the box extender proved useful as did the tailgate steps which slide easily in one motion to help make short work of securing cargo or bulky item in the pickup bed.

Those who plan to tow with the F-150 EcoBoost are well catered for. Rated to tow in the vicinity of 11,300 lb. with the max tow package according to model, the EcoBoost is well up to whatever you can throw at it.

The rear-view camera includes a view of the hitch making it easy to see exactly where to place the truck when securing a trailer.

On the Road

The EcoBoost engine is very impressive I have to say. Turbo lag- the delay in waiting for the turbochargers to spool up and deliver power is pretty much non –existent.  Acceleration however is not the shove in the back variety you get with hairy V8 engine, but once you get around the 2,400- 2,500 rpm torque line you can feel the turbo’s kick in and deliver a rush of power and then you do get the proverbial shove in back.  The transmission is a six speed auto and as smooth and as slick as they come. The F-150 offered a ride that would compete with most high-end SUVs so was quiet, and smooth riding was it.

If like my neighbor you can afford to spend $60,000 on a pickup truck (He has the full bling Harley Davidson F-150) I can’t really think of better truck to spend it on. This arguably is the best F-150 ever in terms of fuel efficiency, luxury, comfort features and versatility. Highly recommended.

Pricing: 2011 Ford F-150 Platinum EcoBoost as tested $60,499

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