Hayer Looking For Next Political Cheque From Cloverdale – West Langley But May Have To Fight Tough Nomination Battle Against Gurmant Grewal


By R. Paul Dhillon

SURREY – in what may be the shortest political retirement ever – former BC Liberal MLA Dave Hayer announced his intentions to seek federal Conservative nomination for the newly created riding of Cloverdale – West Langley but not so fast Dave as you may have a tough, ugly nomination battle ahead if rumours of former Conservative MP and Parliament “Iron Man” Gurmant Grewal returning to federal politics are true.

Last year, Grewal told Post Media journalist Peter O’Neil that he will be making a comeback in the next election and it is believed that he decided to do so from this new riding which was one of the six new ridings to be added to BC in the recent alignment across Canada.

“Today I am announcing my intention to contest the proposed federal riding of Cloverdale – West Langley for the Conservative Party of Canada in 2015,” said Hayer, sounding as if he will be given the riding nomination, which is not expected to be the case and he knows it.

“Over the past few years I have been approached many times, by many people, to seek a seat as a Member of Parliament. I have considered those suggestions carefully and, after having discussed this with family, friends and community members, have decided that I will pursue nomination as a candidate in the new proposed Cloverdale – West Langley,” Hayer stated.

Hayer faced criticism recently for being a huge spender in raking up big spending in last term as BC Liberal MLA. His critics also say that Hayer declared bankruptcy and that he was a big Liberal supporter in the 1990s and as any politician he is an opportunist who seeks the greener of pastures, in this case a sure federal seat in a Conservative voter dominated area!

“Throughout my career on Langley City Council, and as a member of many boards in Metro Vancouver, I have worked with Dave Hayer. He is hardworking, dedicated and tireless as an advocate for his constituents. As a Member of Parliament, Dave will be an outstanding representative for Langley and Surrey,” said Peter Fassbender, the former Langley mayor-turned MLA for Surrey-Fleetwood, in his endorsement of Hayer.

Grewal has not officially made any statements on Hayer’s entry into the riding but the nomination is many months away and you can bet there will be much interest in this hotly contested riding.

The new westernmost riding, which is attached to Cloverdale, Clayton and other parts of Surrey west as far as 144 Street, is currently called Cloverdale-West Langley but may be called Cloverdale-Langley as per the suggestion of the alignment commission.