Health Symptoms You Can’t Ignore


Had a heart attack? Don’t justresume sexCondoms are actuallygreat for the vaginaAnalgesic geleases pain of cut repairs in childrenHowalcohol affects moods inmen and womenCure your commoncold the natural wayWhile a few aches and pains arecommon, some symptoms mightnot just be what they seem like.Make sure you don’t ignore certainhealth symptoms…Recurring bloatingWhile women tend to get bloatedmore often than men due to theirmenstrual cycle, if you discover thatyou’re bloated more often than not,it’s worth getting it investigated.Keep an eye out for gas, pain in theabdomen or difficulty while eating.It could be due to an underlyinggynaecological problem, which mayneed to be checked. What to do:Visit your gynaecologist soon.Excruciating headachesA burst blood vessel in yourbrain could trigger sudden and extremelypainful headaches. Calleda ruptured aneurysm, this requiresurgent attention. Additional symptomsinclude chest pain, exhaustionand deteriorating vision, whichcould indicate cardiac cephalgia ormeningitis.What to do: Ask your GPwhether you need to do any tests todiagnose the reason for the agonisingheadaches.Painful toothacheA little bit of a sting or painwhile having an ice-cream or achilled drink is okay, shooting painis not. If you feel like your teeth arefeeling extra sensitive, it’s time youmake a trip to the dentist. A badtoothache could mean that a nervein the tooth has been damaged —a sign of rotting teeth. The moreyou keep postponing a visit to thedentist, the more the bacteria willspread in your mouth, leading tosevere pain.What to do: Book an appointmentwith your dentist asap.Pain in the chestCertain foods cause heartburnor indigestion. You need to identifythe difference between that andsomething that could be potentiallymore dangerous. Don’t let thethought of a heart problem deteryou from visiting the doctor. Whenyou feel like there is a load on yourchest — quite literally — or pain, itmay just be one of the many signsof a heart attack.What to do: Don’t wait — getyourself checked immediately tofind out how serious the problem is.Unnatural hair growthWhile all of us have hair onour bodies, if you notice thick, darkhair on your face, chest, stomach ornear your breasts, it could indicatea gynaecological problem PolycysticOvary Syndrome (PCOS). Thisoccurs when there is an imbalanceof female hormones in the body.Other symptoms include irregularperiods and trouble conceiving.What to do: Your gynaecologistmay ask you to do tests to deteminethe cause.Sudden weight lossWhether you’re dieting and exercisingor not, losing a lot moreweight than you should or losingweight suddenly for no apparentreason, is a cause for concern.Unexplained weight loss could bepointing out towards an underlyingillness, a sign of diabetes or severalother health problems.What to do: Don’t procrastinate.Get a check-up done immediately.One of the most commonproblems, erectile dysfunctionhappens to all men at some pointin their lives. But if it is a recurringproblem, you need to get it checked.What to do: Visit a sexpert ora urologist who will ask you to dosome tests.