HEED FINED $11000: MLA Should Call It Quits


VANCOUVER— While the very forgiving judge in the Kash Heed election expense fined the former solicitor general $11,000, saying Heed acted in good faith which in essence allowed him to keep his Vancouver-Fraserview seat, but Heed should know better that in politics its perception rather than what the courts may rule.

And the perception by all accounts is that Heed has lost his trust with the voting public over not just naively breaking election expense rules but a whole host of scandals and allegations that his team put out libelous anti-NDP flyers intended to give Heed an edge in a close election that he may have lost if not for the criminal conduct of his election team.

But Heed just doesn’t get it that all these infractions have toppled him from his once mighty police pulpit and brought him down to just another one of those refusing to own-up and take responsibility for his actions politician, which the public has no appetite for.

B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Bauman ruled that Heed acted in good faith during the 2009 election campaign, despite holding  Heed’s actions accountable with the fine, reported the Victoria Times Colonist.

” It would run counter to the need to impose some responsibility on the candidate for the conduct of his campaign and the actions of those whom he chose to run it,” Bauman said

Bauman said that regardless of Heed’s inexperience and personal good faith in the conduct of the campaign, “that campaign has apparently seen a serious breach of a critical provision of the (Election) Act.

“Responsibility for the conduct of the campaign rests ultimately with the candidate.”

The anonymous pamphlet smearing the NDP that surfaced during the election was found by RCMP to have come from Heed’s campaign. Charges have been laid against some of Heed’s campaign workers, but Heed was twice cleared of wrongdoing by special prosecutors.

When the cost of the pamphlet was later calculated and included in Heed’s election financing statement, it put him $5,579 over the $70,000 spending limit.

The penalties for violating the spending limit can include the loss of the MLA’s seat, or a fine of twice the over-spending.

New Democratic Party MLA Shane Simpson told the Colonist his party accepts the judgment, but Heed needs to ask himself if the voters of Vancouver-Fraserview still have confidence in him.

“Everyone else agreed to the rules and got it right, except Mr. Heed,” he said.

Heed said Wednesday he was happy that his personal good faith was cited.

“I wasn’t happy to go through this, but I was pleased to be able to maintain my integrity.”.

While Heed thinks his integrity remains in place, two of his campaign aides  – campaign manager Barinder Sall and volunteer Dinesh Khanna face a dozen charges,

Meanwhile, George Chow , the only man so far running for the NDP nomination in Heed’s riding, said he’s ready to defeat Heed whenever an election is called

“The next election, whenever it is, will be the chance for Vancouver Fraserview residents to get rid of the floundering BC Liberals,” Chow said in a press release

“Vancouver Fraserview residents deserve better than this. I’m ready for the fight. I’m ready to take on whoever the BC Liberals chose to replace Kash Heed and I’m ready to win in Vancouver Fraserview for the BC NDP.”