Hero Hitler In Love!


Top Punjabi singer and rebel-arouser Babbu Maan has provocatively titled his new Punjabi film Hero Hitler In Love. When asked why he has named the film with the name of one of history’s most despised tyrants, Maan, looking scruffy with day-old beard and messy hair, told a gathering of Indo-Canadian media in Surrey this week that the word Hitler in India is synonymous with villainy and hate and the filmmaker decided that the character he plays in the film should be aptly titled Hero Hitler. “We should not look at Hitler of Germany but the connotation of the word as it is applied in India,” Maan said. “Here it is used for irony and perhaps provocation but my filmmaking team felt that it was the right title for it and I agree.” Maan described the film, which will be released in Canada and around the world in November, as a much more commercial film as his last few films delved too heavily into social issues when his fans want a little more masala and a lot of entertainment in them.

*By R. Paul Dhillon