Hindu Religious Leader Puts Up Rs 500,000 Bounty For Anyone Who Spits On BJP MP Jethmalani


The local religious leader said the lawyer seemed to have been possessed by the demon king Ravan’s spirit when he made the blasphemous remarks about Ram not being a good husband.

JABALPUR: A local religious leader has announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh for anyone, who spits on lawyer and BJP MP Ram Jethmalani face for describing Lord Ram as a bad husband. Mahamandleshwar Swami Shyamdas Maharaj made the offer, particularly for the youth, at a well-attended prayer meeting at Jabalpur’s Geetadham Ashram on Sunday.

The announcement is said to have created a buzz as Maharaj’s devotees made discreet inquiries about Jethmalani’s identity and address. “My phone has not stopped ringing since last night,” he told TOI. “There have been calls from volunteers as well.”

The seer argued that technically the promised reward was not a threat. “A threat presupposes violence and spitting is a harmless non-violent act,” he said. “This, at best, could be described as an expression of anguish by a devout…Jethmalani is a lucky man that he could get away with such a lenient punishment for such an unpardonable act.”

Maharaj said Jethmalani is not the only one and that Lord Ram had many critics. “Ravan too had the temerity to describe Ram as a weakling and good for nothing son, deservedly abandoned by his father king Dashrath.” He said the lawyer seemed to have been possessed by the demon king’s spirit when he made the blasphemous remarks. “But the trend needed to be nipped in the bud. Jethmalani would not be allowed to sully his name.”