HIV Carrier Says Women Just Go For It Without Condom As They Do Not Know About AIDS


SUVA – In this day and age, women “just go for it” when they want sex, said a 28-year old Fijian woman living with HIV. “When they want it, they just go,” she said in a report commissioned by the Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation.

“It becomes easier for them to get the virus because they never use condoms and they do not know about HIV.”

The report released in Nadi last month by Minister for Women Doctor Jiko Luveni said women and men were “going for sex” because it was like sweet potatoes.

One woman living with HIV said sex was like staple food or everyday food.

“Man is dishonest with his wife. Wife is becoming dishonest with her man,” said the report citing the view of a 33-year old PNG woman.

“When men are going for work, the woman is pretending to be a housewife.

“I mean, when men are going away for their work, women are looking for money by engaging in transactional sex.”

The report said the perception that sex and infidelity nowadays tended to be taken lightly by both women and men increases vulnerability to HIV. It said alcohol was also associated with sexual violence.