Howzat!!! Andrew Symonds Dating B-town Hottie Minissha Lamba

Buzz is that Minissha Lamba andAustralian cricketer Andrew Symondscould be more than buddiesNow this is some fodder for gossip.Buzz is that Minissha Lamba could havesomething special going on with Australiancricketer Andrew Symonds. Andthis is the same Andrew who had enragedIndian cricket fans with his racist remarksagainst Harbhajan Singh.
A little birdie chirps to say that thetwo have been spotted in different partsof the city on more than one occasion.The birdie says, `Andrew was chillingaround with Minissha at her birthday bashat a lounge on Friday evening along withlots of other close friends till the weehours of the morning.
The two wereagain spotted partying at a suburban clubon Saturday evening and the revelry wenton till next morning.`Insiders say that the two have beenclose friends for more than a year andhave many common friends. Recently, thetwo even went to watch a film together.