Hrithik To Attempt World Record With Toys

A collection of toys inspired byHrithik Roshan could be heading forthe Guinness BookHrithik may be known for hisphysique and his dedication. Now hewill add one more in an attempt tohelp create a world record. As part ofhis role of being paired with a globaltoy manufacturer, an event is beingheld on December 4 at a mall inGoregaon.
The star will be unveiling an over25 feet tall play station containingdiecast toy cars and tracksets wherekids can indulge.Says a source, `The makers feelthis is the tallest-ever play stationmade for children. Hrithik’s presencewill add an aura as they take a shot atfame. The Guinness folk will be presentto record the event and see if itmakes it to the book.
`Adds the source, `Hrithik has acollection inspired by him and he isreferred to as the captain of the teamextreme – considering that despite bybeing plagued with injuries and therough and tumble of doing actionsequences in his films, he keeps itgoing.