Husband Not A Suspect In Murdered Indo-Canadian Woman In Ottawa


Jagtar Gill, a 43-year-old mother ofthree, was found stabbed to death at herfamily’s Barrhaven home two weeks ago.Police say her husband BhupinderpalSingh Gill is not a suspect

Balraj Singh Dhillon Sikh temple Nepean Ottawa president Jagtar Gill

OTTAWA – Relatives ofhomicide victim Jagtar Gill— whose body was foundby her eldest daughter attheir home two weeks ago— say the mother of threewas “strong and bold.””She was nice and everybodyremembers her. Shehas a special personality.Everyone has something, Idon’t know how I canexplain, but if you talked to her once, youwon’t forget her,” said Gill’s brother-inlaw,Kulwinder Sidhu.”She was very, very strongand bold.”Gill and her parents, sistersand brother moved toCanada from India in 1993,Sidhu said. In 1997, Gill wentback to India and marriedBhupinderpal Singh Gill,then the couple settled inCanada, reported CBC news.She worked at an electronicscompany in Kanata for nearly 20 yearsand was laid off in October, Sidhu said.Gill’s family is well known and respectedin Ottawa’s Sikh community, said BalrajSingh Dhillon, president of the Sikh templein Nepean.Balraj Singh Dhillon, president of theSikh temple in Nepean, says Gill’s familywas well known and respected membersof Ottawa’s Sikh community. (CBC)”It’s a terrible tragedy. The whole communityis shocked. This hit so close toeverybody’s heart,” Dhillon said.”The tragic part is the kids are so young.We’ll see what role the community canplay in bringing them up.”The 43-year-old woman’s body was discoveredat the home she shared with herhusband and children at 174 BramblingWay, near Greenbank and Cambrianroads, at 1 p.m. Wednesday.An autopsy performed Thursday morningconfirmed Gill died of multiple stabwounds.Police say her husband is not a suspect.Gill’s relatives are waiting for her parentsto come back to Ottawa from India onSunday before setting a date for a memorialservice.