I Am Delighted With The Feedback On My Bikini Shot: Sonam Kapoor


Sonam Kapoor, who is sportinga bikini onscreen for the firsttime, is flattered by the reactionsof her fans.”I’m very delighted with thefeedback I’ve been gettingfrom the time the pictures cameout. It’s a simple shot that hasbecome a huge talking point. Iam happy that fans have lovedit,” says the actor, who had oncevowed never to wear a twopiece on the big screen.”Sonam has experimented a lotwith her clothes, but she waskeen to know how her fanswould react to her bikini look.As soon as the promo wasreleased, many fans shared it ontheir social networkingaccounts,” says a source close tothe actor.Interestingly, around two yearsago, the actor had said that shewould never wear a bikini as shedoes not have a perfect body tocarry it off. “I will never wear abikini on screen, because I amnot confident enough. I knowthat I will not look good. I don’thave the best body,” Sonam toldPTI in 2012.