I Don’t Just Want To Be A Heroine: Priyanka Chopra

While Priyanka Chopra’sflying high post the success ofBarfi!, she asserts that her deglamavatar in the film hasn’talienated her fan base.The actor says, “Not wearingmakeup doesn’t make oneany less an actor.At the same time, you canbe a very good actor with completemakeup on, for examplemy role in Fashion, which wonme the National Award.
“Releasing close on theheels of Barfi! was Heroine,and we can’t help but wonderwhat Priyanka means, when shetells us, “I don’t just want to bea heroine, I want to be a femaleactor.”She adds, “The differencein the lattercomes through whenone is known as anactor who is able tocarry off any role.I don’t know whatthe norm is; I don’tknow what kind offilms I should be doingor what I am supposedto be doing.
I don’t know whatis right or whether Ishould be saying ‘Ohyes, I am working withall five Khans’.”Up next, PC, whowill be seen in Zanjeeralongside Ram CharanTej, informs us that she will bedoing a special number in thefilm.”Zanjeer is my film, so Idon’t know whether it is anitem number technically, but itwill be an item,” she says.Prod her on why she hasn’ttaken up special numbers infilms that don’t feature her inthe lead role and she says, “Alot of offers have come myway, but nothing that strikes achord.Though, I have been dyingto do a full jhatak dance songas I haven’t done one for awhile.Zanjeer will see me doingthat,” she says.