“I Hate Today’s Bollywood Comedies,” Says Emraan Hashmi


Emraan Hashmi on his equation with Sanjay Dutt, why he loves horror flicks and more.

You are back with another horror flick. Is horror your preferred genre?

After the success of Raaz 3, I was keen on doing another horror film and decided to do Ek Thi Daayan because the subject fascinated me. All of us have heard so many stories about witches, isn’t it? Even as a child, when kids my age would watch cartoons, I preferred watching horror flicks. I had watched some Hollywood horror flicks and even films made by the Ramsay brothers by the time I was six! I have always been biased towards that genre.

Have you ever felt you are being typecast as an actor?

After I tasted success with erotic thrillers, a time came when I was being offered only films belonging to that genre. The industry loves repeating a success formula and the audience had formed a certain image of mine in their minds. When I decided to try other genres too, there was a phase when there were no movie offers! But I think Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai changed all that. Having said that, I think you can never escape the expectations which the audience has formed in their minds for different actors, all thanks to his/her on-screen image. For instance, if it’s a Salman Khan film, they will expect him to take off his shirt at some point in the film! And if it’s an Emraan Hashmi film, they expect kissing scenes. Those are paisa vasool moments for the masses and I don’t see anything wrong with such expectations. After all, we are here to entertain.

We hear you are close to Sanjay Dutt, and agreed to lose a day of promotions for your upcoming flick to accommodate shooting with him.

Sanjay Dutt is one of my favourite actors and I have immense respect for him. I feel really sad. He has already paid a very heavy price for his mistake and my good wishes are with him. May he come out of this tough phase.

Your next film, Ghanchakkar, is a comedy. How was the experience of working in it?

It’s a funny film in the real sense of the term and we had a blast. Usually, I hate today’s Bollywood comedies because people overact and try too hard to make people laugh. I don’t find such films funny. No one makes movies like Angoor or Chupke Chupke today, which is sad.

What’s your take on extensive film promotions, which have become the norm today?

Sometimes, I feel promoting a film is a more difficult task than acting (smiles)! But it’s very important to promote a film well in today’s times. Other components like script and director are crucial too. But if an actor doesn’t promote his film extensively, people think that he isn’t confident about it!

You have worked as an assistant director in the past. Any plans to get into production or to turn director?

There are no immediate plans to get into production. However, if an interesting script comes along after three or four years, you never know!

You have frequented Gujarat in recent times. How has the experience been?

I love visiting Gujarat because my films have always been accepted with open arms here. Also, I will never forget the kind of warm reception that I got in Ahmedabad when I came to promote Jannat 2 and Raaz 3. I have also been told that the royal family of Vadodara loves watching my films. While I had a very tight schedule this time, I would love to meet them the next time I am in Vadodara.