If You Want ICBC’s Punjabi Service To Continue Then Use It Or Lose It!

Balwant Sanghera

RICHMOND – It is great newsfor our community that ICBChas started providing claim servicesin Punjabi. Usually, after theintroduction of a new servicethe corporation doing so followsup either through a questionnaireor by phone to ensurethat the service is being used bythe customers it is designed for.For the success of this newservice, Punjabi language’s well -wishers must use this serviceand let ICBC know that it is avery valuable services which ismuch appreciated by the community.Same goes for thePunjabi books in our libraries. Iwould like to urge our communityto make good use of thisservice. Incidentally, in order tokeep a book on the libraryshelves(and in circulation) thelibrary officials have to makesure that it is being used welland signed out frequently. If abook stays on the shelves for along time, it is normally putaway and taken out of circulation.So let’s make good use ofthis valuable service.PLEA has been working hard inpromoting Punjabi at everylevel. Thus, it was great newswhen the City of Richmondagreed to print its Welcome toRichmond Guide in Punjabi aswell. Incidentally, this guide isavailable In English, Chineseand Tagalog. On behalf ofPLEA, I would like to thank theCity of Richmond and itsIntercultural Advisory Councilfor making the Guide availablein Punjabi as well. MayorMalcolm Brodie will launch thisPunjabi Guide on Thursday,December 5 at 10 AM at theCity Hall in Room M.2.004 (onthe second floor). On behalf ofPLEA I would like to invitemembers of our communityand well-wishers of Punjabi tojoin us on this occasion. As amatter of fact, I hope that membersour community especiallythose living in Richmond willturn up in large numbers to celebratethis special occasion .Forfurther information they shouldfeel free to contact me at 604-836-8976.